Love me in Umbria cuore verde d'Italia / green heart of Italy
Regione Umbria


“Fall in love! If you don’t fall in love, all is dead! You must fall in love, and everything becomes alive.”
Roberto Benigni, La tigre e la neve

How can you not fall in love with this land?” This is the wayfarer’s question, whilst he is submerged by the oceans of shades of green. The Umbria region, the green heart of Italy, speaks of love: from Saint Valentine, protector of Terni and lovers, to the open air set of the Cascata delle Marmore (“Marmore Falls”), from the Pediluco lake, the guardian of the echo of love, to the lovers’ fire-place, from the Vicolo Baciadonna (“Kiss women alley”) to the love legends of lakeTrasimeno, this land is full of Romanticism and rich in locations of an unique beauty and magical charm.


“When a woman cries it’s for one of two reasons: she’s crying because her life is in a mess or she’s crying beacuse she’s going to make a mess of yours.”
Giovanni Veronesi, Viola bacia tutte

The excitement of the stage, the whispering of the audience absorbed in listening to the breathing of the main characters before that fateful “yes”; the memories of centuries of history enclosed in the frescoes rooms of 16th century palaces or in the local museums; forts,  villas and ancient castles scattered in the wide valleys crossed by sections of the Appennines; churches and cathedrals among the most beautiful in the world … in a museum or in a theatre, in a church or surrounded by nature, to marry in the region of Umbria is an experience of beauty, art and culture.


“Would the worries of life be so important, what would they have been, compared to that one good thing, to be with the person you love?”
Luigi Comencini, La ragazza di Bube

Between the meeting of trees and waters of the Oasis of Alviano you can breathe in the just consacrated love of a young couple, feelings as pure as the surrounding nature, peaceful happiness that already tastes of everyday life, the same one you can experience in the small viallages perched on the speed mountains. To look between the off-white stones of Monte Cucco’s caverns, to lose yourself inside Gubbio‘s ancient walls… Love comes to life here and walks among Spello‘s blossomy alleys, Carsulae‘s forgotten ruins, all the way to the city of Foligno.


“There are some things that cannot be said with words”
Alice Rohrwacher, Le meraviglie

A journey in the region of Umbria is one of rewened love, thanks to the relaxing wellness programs, health Spa and sophisticated cabins; a cultural journey, discoverying the ancient art of ceramics in the cities of Orvieto, Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino and Deruta; a journey in the unsploiled green of the beautiful landscapes, able to follow the slow rhythm of nature, able to learn the harmonious cadence of a “pas de deux”.

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